According to edict No. 45/2014. (II. 26.), the Buyer may, without giving any reason, cancel the purchase within 14 days of receipt (receipt of the product). Buyer’s right of withdrawal through a clear statement to this effect by telephone (061-235-60-70), e-mail (, or 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government Decree may be exercised using the template provided in the Annex 2. In the case of written cancellation, it is sufficient to send the cancellation statement to the Service Provider within 14 days of receipt (receipt of the product).

Buyer’s right of withdrawal
(a) the product,
(b) in the case of sale of more than one product, where each product is supplied at a different time, to the last product supplied,
(c) in the case of a product consisting of several lots or pieces, the last lot or piece supplied,
(d) if the product is to be supplied on a regular basis over a specified period, the first service,
from the date of receipt by Buyer.
This day includes the day of free delivery (in Sopron), the day of delivery of the product from the postman or the receipt of the product by post.

The Buyer may exercise the right of withdrawal between the date of conclusion of the contract and the date of receipt of the product.

In case of cancellation, please return the product to the Service Provider’s headquarters at your own expense (9400 Sopron, Kanizsai tér 7.), and we will refund the purchase price of the returned product (s) and any costs. The shipping fee will be refunded if you cancel your entire order. In the event of cancellation, the Buyer shall bear only the cost of returning the Product. In case of express delivery however normal shipping cost will be refunded. We will not refund the purchase price of the product(s) and the shipping cost (or the amount paid by the Buyer in return) unless the customer has returned the product(s) or has unequivocally confirmed that he / she sent it back within 14 days: the earlier of the two will be considered.
Refunds will be made using the same payment method used for the original transaction, unless Customer has explicitly agreed to use another payment method. In case of another refund method, no additional charges may occur to the Customer.
The Service Provider may, however, claim compensation for damage resulting from improper use of the product.

We will not accept returns sent by cash on delivery.

Buyer may not exercise his right of withdrawal pursuant to Section 45/2014. Article 29 of the Government Decree, in particular
• in the case of a non-prefabricated product which has been manufactured at the request of the purchaser or at the express request of the purchaser or which is clearly tailored to the purchaser
• perishable or short-lived products;
• sealed products which cannot be returned after opening after being opened for health or hygiene reasons;
• for a product which, by its nature, is inextricably mixed with another product after its transfer;
• the sale and purchase of sealed audio and video recordings and computer software copies if the customer has opened the packaging after delivery;
• for newspapers, magazines and periodicals (except for subscription contracts)
• with respect to digital content provided on a non-tangible medium, if the Service Provider has commenced the performance with the express prior consent of the Purchaser, and at the same time the Purchaser has stated its acceptance that he will lose his right of withdrawal / termination.